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The Governing body is an integral part of the school’s development and a supportive, critical friend of the Headteacher. Governors are encouraged to come into school, speak to staff and pupils and monitor the progress of the Headteacher and staff towards ambitious targets.

Nick Moon

Chair of Governors

Parent Governor


Nick joined the school as a Parent Governor in 2012 and became Vice Chair in 2014. In his professional life he has spent the last 25 years in business and general strategic/marketing consulting. In the last 6 years he has been running a company which is a cycle training and cycle promotion company who work for Local Authorities, commercial organisations, schools and colleges with children and adults of all ages teaching them the skills to cycle safely on and off road. Nick is also a qualified teacher and has worked in both secondary schools and colleges.

Personal Comments:

My wife Anna and I live locally in Sambourne and we have three  young children all attending Coughton Primary School so the school is very much part of the community we live in, are actively involved in and  are very proud of. I became a parent governor as I wanted to get involved with the school and to give something back to the community by bringing with me the skills and experience from my working life. I believe school is the most important institution for ensuring our children grow up in a caring and nurturing as well as challenging environment which is characterised by happy, well-behaved children with high moral standards and respect for each other all achieving to their highest potential. I am confident as both a Governor and a parent that Coughton School under its new leadership and management is fulfilling all its responsibilities to the children attending and is a fantastic school to be actively involved with.

Diane Steed

Vice Chair & Attendance

Co-opted Governor


Diane has been a Governor since October 2008.  She has spent her working life in Local Government in Solihull, dealing with all aspects of Finance, the last 15 years in Schools Finance. 

Personal Comments:

I became a governor because I felt that the skills and experience that I had in my day job could be used in the role of Governor and felt that seeing life from the other side could benefit me.  Although my children have now left Coughton for Secondary School, I still feel honoured to play a part in the life of our school.  We should all be proud of our achievements and be proud to be part of a happy, successful school.  I believe it is important to encourage all children to become lifelong learners and to ensure that they have the best education and experiences that we can offer them.  I feel that the school encourages the children to be the best that they can be.

Wayne Bates


Parent Governor


Wayne is a qualified teacher, having taught for 13 years, before moving to another role in the education sector. In his current job, he deals with School Leaders, Governors, School Proprietors and education policy makers (e.g governments) on a regular basis.

Personal Comment:

I have two daughters at the School ensuring my commitment to Coughton School for the foreseeable future.  Through my work, I have the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience not only to support Mr Walsh and his team by aiding the development of the schools’ strategic vision and direction, but also to provide the challenge at the strategic level that is necessary to drive any school forward.

Andy Cook

Health and Safety

Parent Governor

Andy has been a governor since 2008.  He is the governor responsible for health and safety, having spent part of his career looking at health and safety issues in construction and heavy industry. He is very passionate about outdoor learning, and putting adventure into children's lives and played a role in setting up the Forest School. 
Personal Comment:
My youngest son is in Year 6 and my eldest son Oliver left Coughton in 2011. It is a wonderful school with fantastic staff and I'm proud to do my bit to keep it that way. Outside of being a governor I am a Dad, canoe and kayak coach and engineer (In that order!). I work at Landrover, and have worked in other industries including the Gas industry. I have also spent time as a river guide in the USA and in the outdoor sports industry in the UK. Our whole family are involved in Scouting in various roles, Cub, County administrator, Explorer Scout and County water assessor. I'm also head coach at Solihull Canoe Club. ,Oh and I once cycled across Canada! 
Alison Brown   Co-opted Governor



Personal Comments:


Stuart Tilsley

Safeguarding Governor

Foundation Governor


Stuart was appointed a Foundation Governor in September 2015. He retired from full-time employment in 2014 and now runs a small consultancy business for General Medical practice. He has already attended a number of school assemblies and has been delighted to observe the caring and happy ethos of the school coupled with excellent educational standards. He hopes that his broad experience of both business and general medical practice will make a tiny contribution to the governance of the school.

Personal Comments:

My wife Jenny and I moved to Sambourne in 2013. We have loved every minute of it. We now have four grandchildren and are very conscious of the need to nurture and foster their early learning and development particularly from a Christian perspective. It is this keen interest that has motivated me to get involved with the School. As a church school it has a brilliant ethos that cares for the whole child, including their spiritual needs, encouraging each one to learn and grow in a happy and stimulating environment. I sincerely hope that my business experience, which includes managing a number of GP practices across the Midlands, will make a positive contribution to the school's governing body. I am looking forward to being more involved with the children, parents, teachers and governors in the future!

Pat Newbold

Collective Worship

Foundation Governor


Pat is a Licensed Reader and has been coming into school for about 13 years representing the Church here in Coughton and Sambourne. She has been leading collective worship, sometimes helping with classroom discussions. She became a Foundation Governor in 2013.

 Personal Comments:

Coming into a school that gives so much encouragement to children to recognise and explore the spiritual side of their nature, a school that teaches the importance of respecting and caring for one another and the world they live in, and a school where the ethos is based on solid Christian values - is a real joy! The result of it all is a very happy school. I love sharing my own faith with the children, but I also love listening to all the things that are important to them. I am constantly uplifted when I visit lessons and gatecrash events to see the children – and the staff – excited and enthusiastic about the work they are doing, eager to talk about it and keen to learn.

Helen Reading SEN, Early Years Foundation Governor


Helen previously worked as a Day Services Manager for adults with learning disabilities in both the charity sector and for Social Services. She now works as a part time gardener and also administrator/manager of several online support groups. She also volunteers at several groups and services for children and families run by local churches in Redditch.

Personal Comments

We moved to the area several years ago and chose Coughton as the school we wanted our children to attend. We loved the school’s ethos and caring atmosphere, also that it was a Church of England School which was important to us.

Our eldest daughter left recently and our 2 youngest children will complete their primary education at Coughton.

Being a Foundation Governor allows me to be more involved with supporting the children, the staff and the school, to continue to be a thriving and happy school where all children can fulfil their potential and make good progress.

Adam Walsh


Execuitve Headteacher


Adam trained as a classical pianist before pursuing a career in teaching. He has taught in both primary and secondary phases of education and is an experienced school leader.  

Personal Comments:

I am exceptionally proud to be the Executive Headteacher of Coughton C of E Primary School. The community is very supportive and the Governors, Staff and Parents all work hard to ensure that the children have the best possible opportunities and experiences. Our Christian ethos and values work alongside the high expectations we have for everyone making it a caring and challenging place for us all to grow. 

Katie Langley


Staff Governor


Kate read English at university before training as an actor as well as working in worldwide Artist Management before pursuing her true vocation, teaching.  She is a passionate, positive and ambitious school leader.  

Personal Comments:

I am extremely proud to be Head of School at Coughton C of E Primary School.  I am totally committed to inspiring children to learn through thematic, real life experiences have developed our Forest School to ensure every child benefits regularly from this fantastic learning environment. I strive to ensure all stakeholders make the most of our unique setting encompassing our local National Trust property which inspires exceptional learning experiences. I feel privileged to teach our wonderful children, who have an amazing thirst for learning and make my job the best in the world!

Alison Wheway


Staff Governor


Alison became a Teaching Assistant and parent of the school over twenty years ago and has enjoyed many different aspects of school life and continues to do so.

Personal Comments:

As both of my children were given the best possible start to their education by attending Coughton School, I became a Governor as I want to ensure the continued success of this wonderful school which has been a huge part of my life for so long...

annual Governor  summary

At the end of each academic year, the Chair of the Governing Body writes a letter summarising all that has been achieved. Please click the links below to view letters from previous years.

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Addional Information

Governor Attendance 2017-18 | Pdf
Governor Business and Pecuniary Interests 207-18 | Pdf



What do school governors do?

·         Promote high standards of educational attainment

·         Set targets for pupil achievement

·         Ensure the Christian ethos of the school is adhered to

·         Take general responsibility for the conduct of the school

·         Manage the school’s budget, including deciding on staff hours and their pay

·         Make sure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based, in particular that the new National Curriculum and Religious Education are taught, and report on pupils’ achievement in National Curriculum assessments and examination results

·         Participate in the appointment of senior staff (including appointing the Headteacher) and regulate staff conduct and discipline and

·         Monitor the Rapid Action Plan (RAP)

 Governing bodies are made up of:

·         parents elected by other parents with children at the school

·         people appointed by the local authority

·         people chosen by governors from the local community

·         people appointed by the church

·         the Headteacher

·         teachers elected by other teachers

·         non-teaching staff elected by other non-teaching staff

How does a governing body work?

A governing body:

·         works closely with the Headteacher

·         makes decisions collectively as a team

·         often delegates decision making to committees or to individuals, for example, to the Headteacher

·         conducts most of its business through meetings, making use of relevant papers and guidance, and advice from the Headteacher.

How do I become a school governor?

If you are interested in becoming a school governor and would like to discuss this further please contact:

Nick Moon 

Chair of Governors

Via the school:

01789 762444